Dr Shivanjali Nayak Gynecologist in Newtown
Dr Shivanjali Nayak Gynecologist Newtown
Dr Shivanjali Nayak Gynecologist in Newtown


Dr Shivanjali Nayak: Gynecologist in Newtown, Kolkata

Dr Shivanjali Nayak is the best female Gynecologist in Newtown, Kolkata, treating patients with dedication and compassion for 22 years. Furthermore, She is known for her highly advanced and up-to-date treatment methods and has been managing many complicated cases of High-risk Pregnancy with positive outcomes. Apart from Kolkata, She has been treating patients as a Gynecology Consultant from many other cities in West Bengal and also from Bangladesh.

Dr Nayak has done MBBS ,completed DNB in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Delhi Board and the fellowship in Minimal Accesive Surgery (Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy) . In addition, she is also affiliated with Fellowship in International Society of Robotic Surgeon and done the Obstetric Ultrasound training and awarded for best performance.

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Bhagirathi Neotia Hospital, Newtown

Medica Superspeciality Hospital, Mukundpur

Park View Multispecialty Hospital, Salt Lake

Spandan Hospital , Baguihati

Treatments You Will Get


High Risk Pregnancy

Adolscent Health

Sexually Transmitted Diseases




Antenatal Care & Delivery

Antenatal Care & Delivery




Vaginal Infection

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy


Gynaecology -Fibroid

Gynaecology Fibroid Endometriosis

Family Planning

Family Planning

Normal Delivery

Cancer Screening Cervical Cancer

Screening Cervical Cancer

Patients’ Response

Rajkumar PradhanRajkumar Pradhan
03:04 17 Nov 23
She talks very politely and is a very good doctor, she treats patients like friends.
Priya KumariPriya Kumari
11:59 11 Nov 23
I had a very good experience with dr shivanjali nayak. she is approachable and always give sufficient time to patients. recently i got my first baby delivery by her and had a very smooth pregnancy journey.I can strongly recommend dr shivanjali to anybody.Thank you mam for this wonderful journey.
priya jaiswalpriya jaiswal
18:24 27 Oct 23
One of the bestest gynecologist I have ever met in my whole life..I was suffering from many problems like cyst, fibroids,cyst on my c-section scar ,etc..Many renowned doctors suggested me to remove the total ueterus part .I was very much scared and lost my all hope.My husband find Dr.Nayak's profile on Google and took me to her chamber.She saw all the reports and suggested me for a minor operation with few precautions..I went with her suggestions and now it's approx two and a half month I m fit and fine.I have recovered from all the problems ..She came as a blessing to me ..I would strongly recommend her to each and every woman who is having such problem.
Aparajita DuttaAparajita Dutta
13:30 13 Oct 23
Dr Shivanjali Nayak is the most competent, compassionate and calm doc. No words can describe my family’s gratitude to her in the way she not only performed OT on my 80 year old mother but also held her hand and kept her confidence high. One should not hesitate to reach out to her in need. She hears out her patients with lot of patience which is so vital. Thanks doctor 🙏
Anuvar HeselghorAnuvar Heselghor
18:04 23 Sep 23
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Shivanjali Madam for her exceptional care during my pregnancy journey.Throughout my pregnancy, Dr. Shivanjali Madam's expertise and attention to detail were evident. She provided comprehensive prenatal care, closely monitoring the progress of both me and my baby. Her knowledge and experience gave me confidence that I was receiving the best possible care.What truly sets Dr. Shivanjali Madam apart is her genuine concern for her patients. She not only addressed my physical health but also took the time to discuss any concerns or anxieties I had during the pregnancy. Her ability to provide emotional support was invaluable, especially during those moments of uncertainty.During labor and delivery, Dr. Shivanjali Madam's calm and reassuring presence made a significant difference. She guided me through the process with confidence and ensured the safety and well-being of both me and my newborn.I can't thank Dr. Shivanjali Madam enough for making my pregnancy journey such a positive experience. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any expectant mothers seeking expert and compassionate care. Dr. Shivanjali Madam played a crucial role in bringing my beautiful baby into this world, and for that, I will forever be grateful.
megha tankhiwalemegha tankhiwale
15:33 18 Sep 23
Have consulted Dr. Nayak and would like to express my gratitude to her for making my journey of pregnancy beautiful and seamless. She always seemed much more like a caring family than just a doctor and eased various ups and down of the pregnancy. Thank you Dr. Shivanjali !!
Archana NayakArchana Nayak
10:31 15 Sep 23
Dr.Shivanjali is the one of the best GN/OBnS I have ever reached thank to ma'am I was able to conceive after long time her way of treatment is so soothing because when I become nervous or depress ma'am always help me and provide me the best guidance and ma'am is always there to here me out in every way possible thank you so much ma'am for doing so much for me it's been a great journey with you 🙏
06:33 15 Sep 23
Dr. Shivanjali Nayek is one of the best gynecologists. My wife has been consulting the doctor since 22 weeks of pregnancy. Whenever we went to the doctor, she listened patiently and treated it and guided very nicely. My wife told the doctor to try to make her pregnancy delivery normal if possible.The doctor then said that she would do whatever was possible in terms of time. On the same expected date my wife was admitted and luckily and with the doctor's efforts the delivery was normal after 38 weeks. We are quite satisfied with the entire consultation. I will highly recommend her.Finally, thank you so much for making our day so special.
Kanchan Bikash chakmaKanchan Bikash chakma
06:07 15 Sep 23
Very very good doctor
Dhirendra KumarDhirendra Kumar
06:53 29 Aug 23
Note -- I want to clear this is not sponsored feedback, if anyone have any doubt then please mail me. I will share all the relevant documents.I would like to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional care and support I received from Dr. Shivanjali Nayak during recent experience of my wife's normal delivery.Dr. Shivanjali Nayak proved to be not only an experienced medical professional but also a compassionate and understanding human being. From the very first consultation, their soft-spoken demeanor put me at ease. Throughout the entire process, their unwavering support and genuine concern for my well-being were evident.Their guidance and expertise were instrumental in ensuring a smooth and safe delivery. What truly stood out was their ability to listen and understand our concerns, creating an environment where we felt empowered and informed in making important decisions.In a time when medical experiences can often feel overwhelming, Dr. Shivanjali Nayak provided the reassurance and care that made a significant difference in my journey. I am truly grateful for their dedication to their profession and their patients.This positive experience has undoubtedly left a lasting impression, and I would highly recommend Dr. Shivanjali Nayak to anyone seeking exceptional gynecological care.It is through professionals like Dr. Shivanjali Nayak that the medical field continues to inspire trust and confidence in patients.Thank you so much Mam 🙏
Mridula GogoiMridula Gogoi
02:37 24 Aug 23
Consultation with Dr. Shivanjali Nayak has been a very good experience. She answers all our queries in simple way and cleared all our doubts.Thank you
lippy Jenalippy Jena
06:22 23 Aug 23
Exceptional Pregnancy Journey with Dr. ShivanjaliI had an absolutely flawless and satisfying pregnancy journey with Dr. Shivanjali. Her expertise and guidance throughout the process were remarkable, instilling us with confidence and making the entire journey incredibly smooth. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking exceptional prenatal care.Dr. Shivanjali reassuring voice and her calming demeanor after my operation left me feeling incredibly relaxed. Her soothing mannerisms and approach to patient care truly set her apart. I couldn't have asked for a better gynecologist to accompany me on this journey.
adwiti banerjeeadwiti banerjee
13:55 01 Aug 23
There are not enough words to describe how thankful we are for Doctor Nayak’s wonderful care during my pregnancy and delivery. Because of her professionalism and great smiles , we felt like we were in perfect hands. She exactly knew when to be serious and when to make us laugh. She has helped bring a perfect miracle into our lives and we couldn’t be more thrilled with her! Overall our experience with her was great because of her thoughtful gesture, dedication and personal touch. Thank you so much Doctor Nayak from bottom of our hearts.We will never forget the big day and you!
Santoshi JenaSantoshi Jena
02:02 15 Jul 23
I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care and expertise you provided throughout my pregnancy journey, leading to the safe delivery of my beautiful baby boy.From the moment I walked into your New Town Clinic, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism by your entire team. Your friendly demeanor and attentive nature immediately put me at ease, relieving any anxieties I had about the journey ahead. Your wealth of knowledge and experience in obstetrics and gynecology were evident during each visit, instilling a deep sense of trust in your guidance and recommendations.Throughout my pregnancy, you demonstrated exceptional attention to detail, carefully monitoring my health and the development of my baby. You patiently answered all my questions, providing comprehensive explanations that helped me understand the various stages and changes my body was going through. Your unwavering support and reassurance during those anxious moments truly made a significant difference in my overall experience.I will always recommend your services to anyone seeking top-notch obstetric and gynecological care.
Sourav MandalSourav Mandal
10:58 13 Jul 23
Dr. Shivanjali Mam is one of the best gynecologist.We are quite satisfied entire consultation. Every time we have felt that Doctor is like our family member. She listen the word of patient very carefully before consultation. I would recommend this Doctor.
neha agarwalneha agarwal
15:35 18 May 23
Dr Shivanjali by far is one of the best gynecologists I have met till date. Warm, caring and patient. She gives enough time and explains everything very well. It felt like I was with a family member. I got operated for an endocervical polyp. The experience was very smooth. She is solid and amazing. Highly recommend her! Thank you mam for curing me. Blessed!